Floral & Perfume


Who doesn't want a room full of freshly picked flowers?

Our custom scents have a heart that recall freshly picked flowers and a touch of powdery softness and a scintillating trace of spice that distinguish this group from the rest.  Choose a fresh bouquet from our signature floral fragrances:

Heirloom Rose: rose petals, berries, black currants, fern fronds

Jardin d'Anglais:  lilac, muguet (lily), carnation, white hyacinth, violet, bergamot, clove, ylang ylang, green foliage

Gardenia:  gardenia, muguet (lily), white musk, green foliage, clove

Cherry Blossom:  cherry, pomegranate seeds, rose petals, orchid, white woods, white musk

Magnolia:  magnolia, tuberose, freesia, orange, black plum, vetiver, vanilla, musk